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The Community Foundation serves as the steward of endowment funds that are to serve the community forever. Our investment policy is to manage these funds with a long-term time horizon to preserve and enhance the value of the initial endowment gift while allowing for an annual distribution to serve current needs.


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2022 was a challenging year, but the investment objective of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation is to earn a return that allows donors to make a significant number and significant size of grants while maintaining the endowment’s future giving power. Click on the investment holding to view a 2022 Investment Performance Statement.



Roger R. Ricketts

Executive Director 



Since 2005, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation has worked closely with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, first as an affiliate and then as a partner Community Foundation for the investment of our Keokuk Area Community Foundation Funds. For 16 years, we have been very grateful and proud of that partnership.  

In 2021, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to move all our funds from GCRCF to be invested in Lee County with the 3 Banks in Keokuk: Pilot Grove Savings Bank, Connection Bank and Two Rivers Bank & Trust. The Keokuk Area Community Foundation Finance/Investment Committee, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation Executive Committee and the full Keokuk Area Community Foundation Board of Directors evaluated and carefully studied the proposals from the banks on the investment management of our funds. Accordingly on January 9, 2022, all our funds, a total of $6,089,753.08 are now invested in Lee County.

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