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 Left to Right: Roger Ricketts, Dr. Michael Klauser, Kathy Klauser, Debbie Marion and Janice Morgan.

The Eichacker Award for Philanthropy honors an individual or family for their sustained and generous commitment to philanthropy, charitable giving, and volunteer service in the Tri-State Area. The Lofton Award for Community Leadership honors an individual or family who through service and volunteerism has strengthened and sustained nonprofit organizations, charities, churches, and educational institutions in this area for a sustained period of time.


In 2018, the Eichacker Award was awarded to Dr. Michael and Kathy Klauser and the Lofton Award to Janice Morgan and Debbie Marion. Dr. Klauser was a founding member of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation Board of Directors and Mrs. Klauser has served on both the Hoerner YMCA and Main Street Keokuk Board of Directors. Dr. and Mrs. Klauser have also been lifelong volunteers and members of All Saints Church.

Janice Morgan has served Keokuk both as a philanthropist and a volunteer. As a founding member of The Keokuk Area Community Foundation, Ms. Morgan has always been passionate about building endowments and giving grants to sustain Keokuk nonprofit organizations. Throughout her life, Ms. Morgan has held leadership board positions on the United Way of the Great River Region, The Keokuk Hospital and The Keokuk Public Library. Ms. Morgan has also been a volunteer and member of Trinity United Methodist Church.


Debbie Marion has been a staple in Keokuk service and charitable organizations for many years. Mrs. Marion is one the first female members of the Keokuk Rotary Club, a 15-year board of directors member veteran of both the Keokuk Art Center and Main Street Keokuk. Mrs. Marion is also a founding member of the Keokuk Union Depot Commission and a former Board President of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. In her professional career, Mrs. Marion was the Executive Director of the Big River United Way and was instrumental in starting the United Way Volunteer Center, which has achieved many charitable pursuits in Keokuk, including starting literacy programs for Keokuk students. Mrs. Marion is especially proud of her work with the literacy programs.


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