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OPENS 10.1.2022 | DEADLINE 3.31.2023



The Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship was established for graduating seniors from any Keokuk, Iowa High School or home-schooled equivalent student. The student must be a resident of Keokuk, Iowa.


Students must also be in the Top 25% of their graduating class at their Keokuk High School or display high academic achievement in their home-schooled program to qualify for the Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship. Successful applicants should also demonstrate a financial need for this scholarship.

A Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship recipient(s) must attend or be enrolled in an Iowa college or university upon high school graduation or completion of home-schooled equivalent. Each scholarship could be worth up to $2,500.00. Multiple scholarships may also be awarded.  

Deadline for scholarship applications is March 31
, 2023. Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship Recipient(s) will be selected and announced by April  2023.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will find out at your high school’s award ceremony. Every applicant will know the results of your application—successful or otherwise—by email by April 2023. Every student who was awarded a scholarship will be sent an email and receive with instructions on how to accept the award.

If awarded a Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship, the student must submit a scholarship agreement. Instructions on how to complete the scholarship agreement will be in the scholarship award email. In the scholarship agreement, you will be asked to submit the following: proof of enrollment and a thank you letter for the donor. You have the option of submitting a photo that can be used when the Keokuk Area Community Foundation announces the scholarship recipients.

Scholarship checks will be issued to your college/university. If you’ve submitted your scholarship acceptance materials on time and correctly, your check will be issued in April-May of 2023 (unless other arrangements have been made).


For more information on applying for scholarships, please contact us!

Philip Ricketts



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